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Playing! April 10, 2010

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I am having so much fun! Aprils mom is going crazy and making houses for me! This is me playing in one:   


More about me! April 7, 2010

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Hi, I want to talk with you more. The first days at Aprils house I felt sleepy, but now Aprils mom gives me so many things to play with I cant wait to run around. Aprils mom has so far made me:

-Den (out of paper) 

-little house (tea box)

-string (piece of string hanging from the top of cage/house)                 

& -Cherrios string (cherrios on string which is hanging in cage/house)

I cant wait to play more heres a pic of me playing in a paper bag (It has cool sound when I crawl on it!)…..

Me Playing In A Paper Bag


Hi….I am Sam! April 2, 2010

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Hi, I am Sam the rat. I am only a few weeks old. I live with a girl named April. She is comfy, and a great friend. Did I mention she is gentle? I really like April’s Mom, so how do I tell her? Lick her hand! Anyway thanks for coming I hope to be talkig to you soon! But BEFORE you leave let me show you my picture,(click for BIGGER!)